An Introduction to Thinking about Timothy and Titus

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An Introduction to Thinking about Timothy and Titus

The Pastoral Epistles, letters Paul wrote to Timothy and Titus, play a pivotal role in church life. These three books provide guidelines for the appointment of elders and deacons, describe the unique roles of men and women in the church, discuss the dangers posed by false doctrine, speak of the primacy of Scripture, and discuss the divine purpose of church life. Because these epistles provide such important information for church life, they deserve special study.

Some critical issues surround the Pastoral Epistles—the identity of the false teachers described in the books, Pauline authorship, and whether or not Paul’s prohibition on female teachers is permanent.[1] If you wish to study such issues, you can find multiple solid commentaries to help, but this book has a different purpose—to help you open Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus and dig into them to learn God’s will contained in them.

Far too often, I believe, we go to Scripture with our own preconceived notions and seek to get the sacred text to confirm our own ideas. Instead, this work seeks to help you dig into the Pastoral Epistles and learn God’s truth for yourself. No one will be telling you what to think as you read this book; instead, you will be urged to read the text for yourself and to answer questions as you read holy writ.
May God richly bless you as you study his word!

Roanoke, Virginia
August 2, 2016

[1] For full disclosure: I’m not sure of the exact identity of the false teachers, I firmly believe Paul wrote the Pastorals (after all, that’s what he himself said), and I firmly believe that Paul’s prohibition against women teachers is permanent.

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