Navy Recruit Training Command Graduation | March 18, 2022

Navy boot camp graduation from Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois, March 18, 2022.


and mhm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm. Mhm mm hmm. Mhm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm. Mhm. Yeah. Mm hmm. Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. Mm hmm. Yeah. Mm hmm mm hmm. Mhm mm hmm. Okay. That. Mm hmm mm hmm. Come mm hmm. Yeah. Mhm. Mhm. Okay, mm hmm. Arms. Mm hmm mm hmm. Right mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm. That’s impossible. Yeah. Mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm. Mhm mm hmm mm hmm. Mhm mm hmm. Okay. Mhm mm hmm. Okay, mm hmm mm hmm. Mhm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm. Yeah, mm hmm mm hmm. Mhm mm hmm mm hmm, mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah, mm hmm, mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm. Yeah, mm hmm. Okay, mm hmm. Mhm. As the parade of graduates approaches, we salute the states and territories whose sons and daughters will graduate today. Delaware and so on. New Jersey Georgia. That’s a cute Marilyn south Carolina. New Hampshire Virginia, new York, a lighter Rhode island Kentucky. Tennessee. Oh hi Louisiana Indiana. Mr. Illinois mm hmm MS Yuri Arkansas Michigan Florida six California Minnesota Oregon Kansas, west Virginia Nevada Nebraska Colorado. North Dakota. The coda martin Washington. I know. Wyoming Utah Oklahoma new Mexico mm hmm. So nice. Oh Hawaii. Yeah, Puerto. Rico wow. And then Samoa Northern mhm ST plan order are and now we invite you to join the staff of recruit training command in welcoming the graduating with your applause as they enter. Midway ceremonial hall. And are announced in the following order mm hmm. Ladies and gentlemen please rob. We welcome today’s graduating. Divisions, mm hmm, mm hmm, mm hmm. Thank you. Okay, mm hmm, mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah. Please welcome. Division zero none. Okay. Okay. All right. Mhm. Mhm. Okay, mm hmm. Division 101. Mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm. Mhm mm hmm. Yes. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, mm hmm mm hmm. Okay, mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm. Mhm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm. Good. Mhm. Yeah. Okay, mm hmm. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah, mm hmm. Yeah. Division 104, mm hmm mm hmm, mm hmm, mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm. Mhm mm hmm, mm hmm, mm hmm. Okay. Right. 105. Mhm. Okay. Okay. Mhm mm hmm. Mhm. Mhm. Right. Okay. 106 mm hmm. Mhm mm hmm mm hmm. Okay. Mhm mm hmm. Division 107. Yeah, mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, mm hmm. Division 108, mm hmm. Mhm. Okay. Mhm. Okay. Mhm. Mhm, mm hmm. Thank you, mm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm, mm hmm. Okay, mm hmm mm hmm, consistent. Thank you. Okay, mm hmm, mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm. Mhm mm hmm. What? Today’s graduating performance unit is 913. 913 provides the state plan. And for today’s. Mhm. Ladies and gentlemen, you may be seated. Thank you. Yes. Divisions. Yeah. Right. Thanks sexually fallout and collect outer garment. Okay. Fire mm hmm. Mhm. Mhm mm hmm mm hmm, mm hmm, mm hmm. Mm hmm. Thank you. Thank you. Mhm. Yeah. Mm hmm. Okay. Mm hmm, mm hmm. That’s good. Divisions. Counter March. Mm hmm. Yeah. Mm hmm. Divisions. Hold on. Yeah. But mm hmm. Under normal in all Dressler. Mhm. Ready Friday. Yeah. At the post and the wall dress. Right dr ready. Right, right. May I have your attention please? For the remainder of the review? No one will be permitted to pass in front of the reviews. And we asked this as a courtesy to our viewing officer. Photography is certainly encouraged, but we asked to remain and off the drill deck photographers you will see on deck throughout the review are the official photographers of recruit training command. Mhm. Yeah. No. Mm hmm. Division commanders left. All right. Parade. Right. Ladies and gentlemen, Good morning. I’m lieutenant. Still the mission officer I would like to welcome you to Today’s Today. You see 10 divisions comprised of 820 sailors participating that graduates the ceremony and soon joined the most. Mhm. Please draw your attention to them in a position that’s there is their new commander. The review commander. Today’s review commander is seen recruit from Copperas cove Texas. Let’s give him a hand folks perform today. Staff on their 8th wicket training the triple threat on the 9th wicket training and the state flag on the 10th and final week of training. These units are comprised entirely of recruits during the night of Orion recruits replacing divisions of media personnel and assigned division commander, recruit division commanders from the battleground of crew training and our key individuals in the life division commanders for service counselors, disciplinarians, administrators and military leaders above all, they must show themselves as outstanding examples of military bearing, appearing, attitude and behavior. Each division also has a crew chief petty officer, the senior recruits, supervisor, additional staff position and division and the division commander. Now, ladies and gents, it’s my pleasure to graduate divisions. The division commanders can recruit chief petty officer as an interim speech division. They erased the competitive flags they threw out there as an introduced each recruit. Chief petty officer. The flag represent your home state will also be released. Please hold your applause until all introductions have been completed. I’ll be starting from there. Right Division zero, Not commander. Chief Petty officer, David. First class john Medicaid was the first class in Orlando, the second class Indonesia Senate and the recruit Chief petty officers. Seamen Austin. Crystal from Killeen Texas Division one. See you commanded by Chief Petty Officer, Edison Petty Officer. First class Zachary. Pay down some second class Kendrick. Wallace, 2nd class Giovanna Salinas and the recruit Chief Petty officer seeming Grantley from Syracuse Utah Division one zero two. 1st Class Rick Sharga penthouse. The first class Sydney thorn. Mhm And it was her 2nd classic Mario Sourcing in the recruit. Chief petty officers. Seamen sleep with from Brandon Mississippi Division one zero three commander. Chief Petty officer Ramon. First class Richard, 1st class Carlos Rodriguez, Penthouse for 2nd class Jonathan Ortiz and the recruit chief Justin in Kingston from Lancaster Division one zero four. Commander. Chief Petty officer, David brock, second class time for. And the crew chief various styles from Covington Georgia Division one. See you around commanded by chief petty officer Kelly, Chief Petty officer, market, patient Petty Officer, 2nd Class James and the recruit Chief Petty officer Kaitlin from round rock Texas division one zero to manage Chief Chief petty officer Ron. Oppressed class Katherine Fleming In 2nd class Brady artist and the recruit. Seaman alexander baker from Lake Tahoe Division one 07, commanded by Chief petty officer. Right oh, How was your 1st class Jesse Waldman. And also 2nd Class Asia Barnes. And the recruiting Zachary from Detroit Michigan division one zero, commanded by senior Chief petty officer, Jose Benitez. Chief petty officer, Jason. Lacy 1st class Christopher Wilson and the recruit Chief petty officer. Seaman, joseph from Houston Texas division not one three. Commanding Chief care, first class Austin Lloyd Petty Officer, 2nd Class. Mhm. The second class and the recruit. Chief petty officers. Seamen Jackson including from ST louis Missouri on behalf of the commanding officer and staff of we can grab division commanders. Job well done. Mhm. In a moment you’ll see the ceremony and sideboards, boats and an honor guard. Take their places for arrival. This time. On this edition is our former agreeing to this morning’s reviewing officer when requested by the announcement. Please watching them in the national anthem and invocation as a reminder military the entire graduation. And ladies and gentlemen one final as within any importance of occasion. Our cereal is conducted. How are you? We do encourage you to participate in today’s graduates. We sent letting your posture. He said just how water Once again welcome aboard. Mhm. A mhm. Mhm. Police. Yeah. Yeah. Mm hmm, mm hmm. Ready. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm mm hmm. Will the guests please rise and remain standing for the arrival of the official party? Mhm. Recruit training. All right. Oh, naval service training Command. All right. Oh. Undersecretary of Defense for personnel and readiness. Thanks. Thank you. Mhm, mm hmm. Yeah. Mhm mm hmm mm hmm. Yeah, mm hmm, mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm. Oh. Oh, the guests maybe. Mhm, mm hmm. Good morning on. Mhm, mm hmm. Right. What? Hold on. Will the guests please rise? Okay. Prison yeah. Mm hmm. Mhm. Yes. Mhm. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Mhm. Mhm. Yeah. Mhm. Mhm mm hmm. Mhm. Mhm mm hmm. Mhm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm. Um mm hmm. Thanks mm hmm. Mhm. Yeah, mm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm. Right. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Okay. Mm hmm, mm hmm mm hmm. Oh. Oh really? Present arms. Mhm. Mhm, mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Order. Arms chaplain. Brigadier will not open this morning’s in vacation. Let us pray gracious God source of light and strength. We ask you for your blessing today on this training command that continued through to the high outcomes and purposes of shaping sailors. These sailors that stand before us stand before you. May this be the brand new day in which they are convinced that devotion, sacrifice and service for the greater good is honorable and worthy as they have committed to a great work, made a sense your blessing and presence. Their success was earned not given transformation has been a process here embracing challenges and adversity. Their growth brings us joy and gives us strength especially for our shared way of life. We’re proud of their hard work over the past weeks and months for those who shaped them and define the equipped, smarter disciplined sailors. To those are DCs instructors may they receive a blessing this day to the families. The mentors coaches cheered them on, supported them. May they experience a deep measure of gratitude and pride in this moment as at all times, especially those in moments of conflict and turmoil. We’re preparing ready guardians of peace. So we asked them to pour out courage and wisdom for these newest sailors. May they be unswerving in duty, Resolute in defending democracy, determined to do good to all. Now I ask you each grant for each one humility steadfast purpose and a deep hope. Amen. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Right. Mhm. Our guests may be seated at this point. The commanding officer will issue orders and instructions to the unit commanders. Then the unit commanders were faced about and relay the information to their divisions. Today’s event shower orders are passed to the chain of command. Divisions report burrow. Mhm. Very well. Very good, very verbal. Very, very well. Well, very all the business president or accounted for sir. Mhm. Oh. Mhm, mm hmm, mm hmm, mm hmm. Okay. Mhm. Okay. Yeah. Is that the graduating commenced interview? Right, mm hmm, mm hmm. Yeah. Mm hmm. Yeah. Okay, mm hmm, mm hmm, mm hmm. Mhm, mm hmm, mm hmm. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Mhm, mm hmm. Hold on. Mhm, mm hmm. Mhm. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. Mm hmm, mm hmm. Okay. Yeah. Right. Mhm. Mhm. Yeah. Okay, mm hmm. Okay, mm hmm. Yeah. Okay. Mhm. Mhm. Thank you. All right. Mhm. Right. Mhm. Mhm, mm hmm. Mhm. Thank you. Award. Whoa. All right. Award winning support. Good morning. I’m Captain Jeff. Standing for the Commanding officer recruit training command. I’m pleased to welcome families and friends to our graduation ceremony and look forward to sharing this momentous occasion with everyone with us today is our reviewing officer. The honorable Gilbert R. R. Cisneros. Jr undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness. Were Admiral Jennifer? S future commander, Naval service training command and our guest of honor. Captain steven, the most commander surplus group, Western pacific while we are restricted on occupancy. It is important that you are here today to celebrate your sailors significant milestone. Your support during this unprecedented times has helped us to complete the mission of transforming civilians into sailors while operating and a safe environment to help ensure fully readiness. I cannot thank you enough for your continued support and I’m sure your sailors are grateful for your encouragement throughout their training. I would also like to welcome all of our veterans in the audience for their service to our country with all of our veterans. Please stand so we can give them a round of applause. Okay. Mhm. Division 913 graduates today there the Staff Flags unit providing a 50 state Flags District of Columbia and U. S. Territory Flags, drums for and color. Please join me in giving them and the nine other graduating divisions here today a round of applause for their outstanding performances. Mm hmm. Mhm. I would also like to give a special congratulations today to all the sailors in this training group who are the first to complete the new tenant basic military training program. The additional two weeks include sailor for life training, providing recruits for additional focus and recruit mentorship. Small unit leadership, advanced for your toughness training as well as professional and personal development. Every recruit now graduates with more tools and skills to make them more effective and combat ready sailors. This is where our Navy heritage meets the future and where these young men and women enter the profession of arms. The staff recruit training are dedicated to providing the United States. We’re basically training physically fit and smartly disciplined sailors such as those standing here before you this morning. These sailors have successfully completed 10 weeks of demanding recruit training. They have earned the right to wear the uniform, recognized throughout the world as a symbol of freedom. They and others like them have served as the bedrock of our naval forces. They will join other sailors around the world to give our Navy its combat edge and enable us to help keep this nation secure. This training group is ready to graduate and served in the world’s most powerful Navy. Yeah, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you 820 of the newest and sharpness sailors in the United States Navy. Mhm, mm hmm. Mhm. Thank you. Thank you. Let me see. Okay, recruit training commands, competitive system among individual recruits and divisions promotes teamwork, attention to detail and pride and accomplishment. Divisions, performing of our standards throughout their training. Our water recognition flags in the five missionaries Academic militate, real department readiness applications and physical fitness. These flags are carried as a physical symbol of the division success. Each flag indicates that your sailors individually and as met performance standards in one or more missionaries, A division that excels in every phase of training qualifies with the battle efficiency on the division recognition and was awarded the badly on flying for this. Exemplary achievement. Division 10 three has the first time. Well, yeah, all right. The honorable Mr. Cisneros will not present this week’s individual awards and he will be joined in the drill deck by our commanding officer, Captain Sandy Commander, Rear Agriculture and our guest of honor Captain Devane for achieving the highest overall academic score during recruit training. Seaman Israel Demings. Division 108 from Anchorage Alaska has earned the Academic Excellence Award which is sponsored by the lake defiance chapter of the Illinois Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. Semen Demings receives a letter of commendation to the commanding officer. Well done. Sailor morning for having displayed extraordinary qualities, best expressing the American spirit of honor, initiative and loyalty Stephen A Princess Tatiana Avery Division 105 from Jacksonville Florida is awarded the Navy League Award, which is sponsored by the Navy League of the United States steven and princess apron is presented with a commemorative plaque and a letter of accommodations in the commanding officer. Well done. Sailor morning morning John Division 104 from san Jose California is the winner of the United Service Organization award for best exemplifying the spirit and intent of the word shipment. Simon reading is given a commemorative plaque from the United Service Organizations. Well done Sailor work. Airman Ethan Weaver. Division 099 from Woodbridge Virginia is the recipient of the Military Order of the World Wars Award of Merit. This award is presented for meritorious performance during recruit training. Airman weaver is presented with a commemorative plaque from the Military Order of the World Wars. Well done sailor. The Military Officers Association Leadership Awards presented to Airmen Samantha hydrant Division 102 from Moundsville West Virginia for demonstrating exceptional tenacity and professional airman. Heidemann has awarded a letter of commendation from our commanding officer. Well done sailor. What? Seaman Caitlin Divisions 105 from round rock Texas is the recipient of the Navy Club of the United States of America Military Excellence Award for best exemplifying the qualities of enthusiasm, devotion to duty, military bearing and teamwork. This award places her at the pinnacle of today’s newest sailors. She is awarded a flag letter of commendation. The staff recruit training command salute you as the finest of this group of graduates, Well done sailor. Right. It is appropriate to recognize such outstanding individual accomplishments by these sailors. With a round of three cheers. The adjutant will lead all graduate divisions in three cheers for this morning’s award winner. Mm hmm. I have the distinct pleasure this morning introducing a reviewing officer. The honorable Gilbert are Cisneros JR. Undersecretary of Defense for personnel and readiness. Born and raised in southern California is a philanthropist. Veterans advocate, member of Congress with national security experience and a former Navy officer having been commissioned In 1990 for a strong advocate for our service members and our veterans Mr. Cisneros served on both services and veterans affairs committee When he represented California’s 39th congressional district in the House of Representatives. Mr. Has been an advocate for military families on issues of housing, child abuse and exceptional family members. As a former naval officer, he secured language in the National Defense authorization Act that will evaluate and strengthen the nation to not only make better warriors but better ship drivers. He is also the co founder of the Military transition assistance pathway. Caucus to Support and advocate advocate on behalf of military service members returning to civilian life. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in a warden recruit training command. Welcome to the honorable Gilbert Are Cisneros Jr Right, good morning everyone. I want to especially thank the families that are here but I really want to talk to all our new sailors that are here today. On this momentous day, 33 years ago I was standing right where you are in a different location. I actually did boot camp down angle which is no longer here. But what is going through my mind right now? I was nervous and excited and I’m sure you are filling those same emotions. Um but this is a momentous occasion for you when I look back on this, you are borrowing proposed all better trained, better prepared to join the fleet than I ever was when I joined camp all those years ago. So you should all be very proud of what you’ve accomplished and what you have achieved. Yeah. During these past 10 weeks, I know for a lot of you they told you it was only gonna be surprised, Hey, you’re staying for an extra two weeks. You all made it through. So you know, as the undersecretary of personnel readiness, I am responsible for the lot of policy that deals with our families, our service members and our civilians. But I’m also in charge of the readiness, making sure that our services, all of them are ready to fight today into going into the future. Uh, so your training is a big part of this and what you have accomplished is it’s just amazing as I leave you here today. Just a few words of advice, you know, learn your job, get out, learn how to do your job, learn how to do it. Well listen to your LPO listen to your chief because they have a lot of experience and they can teach you. Um but also be proud of the work that you do be proud of your ship, proud of your shipmates and just be proud of your nation. You are all going to go out there and do great things. I owe everything I have to the navy. It provided me with my education. It provided me with the leadership experience I had and I look back on my time that I served very fondly and I know you all do the same one today. So good luck to you. Fair winds and following seas and I wish you the best of luck. Thank you. Mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm, mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm. Mhm. The honorable Mr. Cisneros will now receive the salute of the graduating division and he will be joined on the grill deck by our commanding officer, Captain Sandy. Please remain seated until your graduates have been placed on liberty. Mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm. Okay, mm hmm mm hmm. I don’t know. Mhm mm hmm, mm hmm. Okay, mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm. Mhm. Yeah, mm hmm. Yeah, mm hmm. Yeah. Uh huh, mm hmm. Mhm. Yeah, mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm. Please join me in one more round of appreciation for our wonderful musicians of Navy band, Great Lakes. Why post sexual fall out and retrieve outer garments. Mm hmm. Yeah, mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm. Okay. Mhm mm hmm. Okay. Right, mm hmm, mm hmm mm hmm. Mhm. Okay, mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm. Yeah mm hmm. The apartment, mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm. Okay, mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm. Yeah. Thanks again to each and every one of you for joining us on this most memorable of navy days. Please utilize all safety rails and exit in an orderly fashion. And without further delay. Now, hear this Liberty called Liberty Call. Mm hmm. Yes. Mm hmm. Mhm. Yeah, Sure. Yes.

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