Coast Guard Workforce Resilience

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us may experience increased familial stressors, as we’ve taken on the roles of full-time caretaker, teacher, all while simultaneously navigating the uncharted waters of full-time teleworking or continuing to report for duty standing the watch.

Today’s stress is real and felt widespread across our organization from within our own homes, throughout our units and across our command.

We will make it through this and if you need a helping hand, you have an entire organization standing by to assist.

Vice Admiral Linda Fagan, Commander Pacific Area, and Pacific Area Command Master Chief Heath Jones want to reinforce their support and emphasize the resources available to help.

The increased stressors we’re facing, in addition to physical isolation from our family, friends, coworkers and helpers can exacerbate feelings of loneliness, frustration, and/or grief. In addition, concerns of neglect, emotional abuse, and physical violence are on the rise, as are maladaptive coping behaviors. When stress is high, identifying ways to take care of yourself and exercise mental health is key, so you’ll remain there for your loved ones.

Now more than ever, we are utilizing networks and increasing awareness with digital tools that make connection possible during a climate of physical distancing.

Seeking counsel or support is strongly encouraged, even if virtual or telephonic assistance at first feels “remote”. Given the austere environments in which our members serve, and the requirements for physical distancing, help is as close as a phone call away.

Asking for help early, when you are feeling out of balance or facing a stressful situation, is essential for your emotional well-being and mission readiness.

The Coast Guard remains unwavering in its absolute commitment to the emotional well-being of our Service members and our families. Your Coast Guard leaders, shipmates, and civilian employees at all levels are encouraged to proactively support a colleague in need of assistance.

Even in times of uncertainty, you are not alone.

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