WilsonOn October 18, 2001, my life changed forever when my younger son, Wilson Cromwell, was born. Just over a month earlier, Tammy and I watched terrorists crash planes into buildings and forever alter our nation’s psyche. Less than two weeks before Wil was born, the Alum Creek church threw us a “surprise” baby shower (people had let the shower slip, so it wasn’t as much of a surprise as was intended) and while we were at the shower, we received word that the United States was invading Afghanistan. Wil entered this world in a time of great upheaval and sorrow, but he has brought great joy to our family.

Wil has always been the jokester. He has always looked to get a laugh. He has always been a tad mischievous – teasing his brother over a girl from church camp or mocking the way his daddy walks or making fun of his mommy’s age. Wil brings a great deal of joy to our lives.

  • Wil got in trouble his first day of preschool for kissing a girl (he was 3).
  • Wil’s non-stop talking made my parents wonder if they’d made a mistake in agreeing to keep him for a week when that week was less than five-minutes old.
  • Wil can play a trumpet so well that Mom and Dad and brother would travel to South Carolina to hear him play.
  • Wil can leading signing at church with just a few minutes notice.
  • Wil loads the dishwasher (granted, it’s the fifth or sixth time he’s been told to load it, but he can do it).
  • Wil loves his puppy and takes good care of him.
  • Wil speaks French far better than I could when I was his age.
  • Wil pats my arm when he walks by my chair because he’s concerned.
  • Wil prays sweet, heartfelt prayers.
  • Wil makes a yo-yo dance like Fred with Ginger.

God blessed my family tremendously when Wilson was born into this world!

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