What about the Dinosaurs?

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A.	One of the most baffling questions in the creation-evolution 
	discussion is dinosaurs.
	1.	Dinosaurs obviously lived, and according to the 
		evolutionary time-table, they existed before man.
	2.	Both Christians and evolutionary scientists alike want to 
		know what we should do with the dinosaurs.
B.	The Bible claims that God made all living things, and the 
	claims sound as though men and the dinosaurs lived at the 
	same time.
	1.	Ex 20:11.
	2.	Gen 2:19-20.
C.	Some claim that the Bible mentions dinosaurs (Job 40:15-24), 
	but that is far from certain.
D.	There is evidence that supports the biblical claims, however.
	1.	The catch of Japanese fishermen.
		a.	In 1977, the United Press International (UPI) 
			reported that 	Japanese fishermen caught the 
			decomposed body of a sea monster off the coast of 
			New Zealand.
		b.	The monster stank so badly that the fishermen took 
			pictures and threw the monster back into the water.
		c.	Dr. Tokio Shikama examined the color pictures and 
			said, "The animal has to be a plesiosaurus."
		d.	The creature weighed 4,000 pounds and was caught 
			about 980 ft. below the surface of the ocean.
	2.	A sea monster has been spotted 300 miles north of 
		Montreal, Quebec.
	3.	The Paluxy River footprints near Glen Rose, Texas.
		a.	In this river bed, human footprints have been found 
			alongside dinosaur footprints.  The footprints of both 
			the dinosaur and human are perfect in their 
		b.	One of the dinosaur tracks was imposed on top of the 
			human footprint-this would mean that the human 
			footprint was left first.
		c.	Some scientists do claim that the footprints are not 
	4.	The field of Dr. Samuel Hubbard.
		a.	Dr. Samuel Hubbard was excavating caverns in 
			northern Arizona.
		b.	In one of those caverns, he found cave drawings of a 
	5.	The trilobite.
		a.	The trilobite is a dinosaur-like sea creature that 
			supposedly became extinct 500,000 years before man 
		b.	However, one fossil showed trilobites right inside a 
			human footprint.
		c.	The human was also wearing a sandal.

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