Exercise Northern Challenge 2019

The purpose of the Northern Challenge is to train response to real-life terrorist incidents involving improvised and military explosive devices.

Northern Challenge 2019 is a multinational explosive ordnance disposal and counter-improvised explosive device exercise hosted by the Icelandic Coast Guard at Keflavik Air Base and aimed at improving coordination and interoperability with NATO Allies and partners.

Left Hand Commander Keith Marbots, Multinational EODCC Commander “Northern Challenge is a NATO multinational EOD exercise that will bring both the land and maritime environments and it’s primarily focused on the EOD operator which is unique of this whole exercise type.” “So within here, the multinational EODCC, we control the real time safety of the teams out on the ground, so we track where they are. We also run the exercise scenario, running a matrix of over 500 bombs which we task the teams to on twice daily basis.” “It’s very important to us because it is the only exercise of its type that focuses purely on the EOD Operator. So coming here to Iceland is a unique opportunity for us. The freedoms that we have here, being able to operate in a realistic environment with challenging conditions on land and in harbours is something unique and is facilitated by the Icelandic Coast Guard and we can’t replicate that anywhere else.”

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