USS Comstock Video Tour

USS Comstock video tour of the ship prior to Los Angeles Fleet Week 2019.

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Permission to come aboard, welcome aboard USS Comstock.

Morning, I’m YN3 Alicia May Bennett from the USS Comstock. Comstock came from the Comstock Lode in Nevada. It was the biggest silver lode in the United States and it’s one of the reasons why Nevada became a state. There has been two ships named after the Comstock, LSD 19 and LSD 45. Comstock is an LSD, a landing dock ship. Comstock’s primary mission is to assault hostile shores and bring our Marines in, too.

I’m BM2 Surface Warfare Williams. I’m bosun mate here on the USS Comstock. The fo’c’sle focus is basically just an anchor. We have a standby anchor and we have a ready anchor. We’re here doing sea and anchor detail, so here in San Diego it usually takes a hour and a half. We go slow throughout the channel, so it’s a process of how we go out the channel, so it just depends on where you’re at.

Good morning, my name is QM3 Wright. I’m from West Palm Beach, Florida, and I am a quartermaster on board USS Comstock. A quartermaster’s job is to basically, we’re the GPS of the ship, it’s to get you where you need to go when you need to be there. So we handle the light configurations in accordance with the rules of the road. Then you have the helm and lee helm stations, which are these two consoles. They’re in charge of actually driving the ship and responding to the orders of the conn. Then you have the most important chair of all, the CO’s chair, this is where he sees everything, where he looks at everything, this is his station, the CO’s station. The objective is to maintain silence so the conning officer can give his orders while we’re going through restricted waters.

BM2 O’Bryant from Augusta, Georgia. So on this deck we have two spots where we can land two different helicopters. We’ve landed SH-60s and a couple 22s as well. So for our primary mission, we do flight operations as like a UNREP or VERTREP, I should say, and also for search and rescue as well. Well, I’m the LSE, or one of the LSEs, that’s the Landing Signalman Enlisted, and it’s a person that just brings the helo in, lands it, sends the guys in to chock it, chain it down.

I’m BM2 Shelton, I’m from Rahway, New Jersey. Well deck ops is just, it’s awesome. You bring like six to eight feet at the sill, bringing water in the well, ballasting down, bringing in craft, it’s very dangerous evolution but it’s probably one of the best things we do on the ship. I also use Landing Craft Utility, it’s the kind of craft that we use to transport, whether it be cargo, vehicles, or Marines, off ship to shore. Most common thing, we’ll have two LCUs and then we’ll have a group of AAVs also on board.

Hi, my name is Taylor Faulkner and I am a culinary specialist aboard the USS Comstock. We serve about 300 to 400 people per day and that’s four meals per day, which is breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midrat. If we have Marines aboard ship, the number can rise. The galley is divided up into sections from the Chiefs’ Mess, wardroom, and just there’s the basic galley. Most of our shifts start, well, like my shift starts from seven in the morning at quarters and we go until about 8 PM.

Permission to go ashore, thank you for visiting USS Comstock.

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