Volcano Eruptions

Aerial and ground coverage of Kilauea Iki hurling hot lava fountain to a height of approximately 1150 feet. Reel 1, 759′: Aerial night, dawn and day scenes of Kilauea Iki erupting a colossal torch of hot lava — shows smoke, lava flow and some dawn and day scenes with low cloud cover. Reel 2, 635′: 1) LS’s & MLS’s of spewing fountain shooting hundreds of feet skyward — shows smoke, lava flow and low cloud cover. 2) MS of sign: KILAUEA IKI, 640 FEKT DEEP AT THIS POINT ONE MILE LONG, LAST ACTIVE IN 1868. 3) Shows fountain rising awesomely above Ohia trees and depositing blanket of pumice on Chain of Crater Rim Road and seared branches of trees smoking. 4) Night scenes of spewing fountain and lava flow. Reel 3, 787′: MS’s & MLS’s from different vantage points of spewing fountain, smoke and lava flow.

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