The True Glory, 1945

Scope & Content: On the Allied invasion and conquest of Western Europe, 1944-1945. Reel 1, German officers inspect coastal defenses in France. Survivors are rescued from a freighter sinking in the North Atlantic. A U.S. transport arrives at Liverpool and troops debark. Shows street scenes in London and servicemen’s clubs. Troops run obstacle courses and scale cliffs in training. Reel 2, Gens. Arnold, Montgomery, and Marshall meet in SHAEF headquarters. Landing craft for “Operation Mulberry,” tanks, munitions, and gasoline supplies are assembled on English coasts. Pres. Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin pose at Teheran, Dec. 1943. Gens. Eisenhower, Bradley, and Montgomery pose at SHAEF headquarters. Goring, et al. inspect Normandy defenses. B-17s bomb marshalling yards. Invasion convoys assemble at Southampton; ships are loaded and rest in the harbor; Gen. Eisenhower inspects troops; and the convoy weighs anchor. Reel 3, paratroops and gliders land behind the beaches. Naval guns bombard the beaches. Landing craft hits the shoreline. British troops crawl inland across fields and dig in. Wounded huddle together on Omaha Beach. Supplies are ferried to shore in LCTs. Reel 4, British mortars pound Caen and troops fight through the streets. Improvised beach facilities are erected in “Operation Mulberry.” British troops advance through hedgerows outside Cherbourg. Artillery blasts the city and Allied troops enter. Maquis units are armed. Harbor installations are repaired. A tank battle rages south of Caen. Reel 5, refugees return to rubbled St. Lo. Prisoners of war are taken. Tanks of the 3rd Army roll through villages and are greeted by throngs of people in Rennes. Shows Gen. Patton. Allied infantry is pinned down by artillery fire near Mortain. Royal Air Force (RAF) Typhoon fighter planes are armed, take off, and strafe the Nazi positions. Armored units roll toward Argentan under artillery support. Reel 6 shows abandoned and destroyed Nazi equipment. Thousands of Nazis surrender. Tanks roll toward Paris. Germans retreat as Free French forces, led by Gen. de Gaulle, enter Paris. 20,000 Germans surrender to British outside Brussels. Infantry and tank units cross the German border. Reel 7, infantry units assault Siegfried Line defenses. Paratroops land near Arnhem and gliders near Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Assault troops land on the Scheldt Islands and at Antwerp. Trucks are loaded at Antwerp and roll toward the front. Wintry weather strikes Allied positions from the Low Countries to the Vosge Mountains. Reel 8, infantry units at Arnhem and Bastogne are cut off and blasted by German artillery. Allied artillery and rocket fire effects a breakthrough and armor moves forward from “The Bulge.” Pres. Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin meet at Yalta. Armored units enter Cologne. Assault boats are moved by truck across Belgium to the Rhine. The 9th Armored Division crosses a bridge at Remagen. Troops cross in an amphibious operation. Paratroops drop on the east bank. Reel 9, thousands of Nazis surrender. U.S. prisoners are liberated. Belsen prison camp is occupied. Shows scenes of Nazi atrocities. U.S. and Russian troops meet at the Elbe. Shows brief scenes at conference tables as German leaders surrender.

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