The Negro Sailor (Historic Footage)

Scope & Content (historic): Emphasizes integration, advancement based on ability, equal treatment, and teamwork in the Navy. Reel 1: Black newspaper employee is drafted. All phases of Navy boot camp are represented as integrated and equal. Shows physicals, clothing procurement, barracks inspection, KP and social activities. Reel 2: Names black non-combatants who received distinguished Navy Service Awards for bravery: Doris (Dorie) Miller, Elbert H. Oliver, William Pinckney, and Leonard Roy Harmon. Points out that all Navy ratings are open to black Americans and shows black sailors learning navigation, radio operation, aviation mechanics, and other specialties. Reel 3: On a destroyer with a predominantly black crew, blacks fill all positions except commissioned officers. Shows ship in battle action and blacks in Ordnance and CB battalions. Closes with commentary on how blacks and whites have fought side by side to keep America free throughout history.

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