Reel 1, Gen. Montgomery and the British 8th Army land at Reggio Calabria. The Italian navy surrenders to the Allies. Gen. Mark Clark and the U.S. 5th Army land at Salerno behind an intense naval bombardment. The Luftwaffe bombards the beachhead. The 5th and the 8th Armies meet. The Allies take the Foggia airfield and later enter Naples. Refugees return to the city. U.S. troops cross the Volturno River and advance through mud. Reel 2, Ortona is taken after street fighting and a savage tank battle. Gens. Eisenhower and Clark inspect Cassino defenses. 5th Army units land at Anzio. Gens. Rommel and Kesselring direct the arrival of Nazi reserves. British Gen. Alexander directs an artillery bombardment on the Gustav Line. Cassino falls. Allied tanks roll toward Rome. The Nazis evacuate the city and 5th Army units enter. Department of Defense. Department of the Army. Office of the Chief Signal Officer.

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