Did We REALLY Land on the Moon?

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Dr. Justin Imel, Sr., sat down with investigative journalist and filmmaker Bart Sibrel to discuss the authenticity of the moon landings. Sibrel has interviewed every Apollo astronaut willing to be interviewed and has researched the moon landings extensively; as a result of his research, Sibrel has produced two documentaries—A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon and Astronauts Gone Wild—which are important for anyone wishing to know the truth about the moon landings. Imel and Sibrel discuss Sibrel’s being punched by Buzz Aldrin, the Van Allen Belts, lighting in photos from the moon, why the government would deceive, the Apollo 13 incident, the Apollo 1 fire, and other pertinent questions around the moon landing.

Investigate the truth for yourself!

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2 thoughts on “Did We REALLY Land on the Moon?

  1. Could earthshine account for any double shadows?

  2. I think so. Plus, the moon is reflective, so it seems logical that shadows could come from more than one direction.

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