How and Why I’m Voting Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the American people will go to schools, churches, bowling alleys, private homes, and a host of other places to cast ballots to elect someone President of the United States. In my heart of hearts, I really do not believe the American people have any choice in their leaders—God decides who attains that office. I know that runs counter to the very heart of American freedom, yet we’re told,

  • “The Most High rules the kingdom of men and gives it to whom he will” (Dan 4:25).

  • “There is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God” (Rom 13:1).

Those texts have caused me angst for the past several years, and the thought that keeps coming to my mind is: “If God reigns in the kingdom of men, why should I bother to vote? Wouldn’t I be better to refrain from voting and submitting to God’s will?”

Some have urged me to vote, for they see God’s providence at work in the election. Maybe so, but the best way for me to quiet the angst in my heart was to make the decision not to vote. On election day in 2014, Tammy had voted before she went to work, and I was going to stop by and vote on the way back from hospital visitation. All the way to the voting place, I was wondering if I was doing right by voting. I was very troubled by voting, and I decided I just couldn’t go through that torment again. You can read my thoughts on refraining from voting here.

Well, I still believe every single word I wrote back in March and do not retract anything I have said, but tomorrow I will go to a voting booth and cast a ballot in only one race—the Presidency. Seems a little inconsistent, doesn’t it? Honestly, this year’s election leads me to put the same principles I discussed in March into practice in a slightly different way.

In my heart, I find both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton repulsive and unfit for the Presidency. Trump degrades women, has said he doesn’t need to seek divine forgiveness for his many affairs, has mocked the Lord’s Supper, has a serious ego problem, and makes fun of those who disagree with him. Secretary Clinton supports the slaughter of innocent children in their mothers’ wombs, wants to keep same-sex marriage legal throughout the country, and has been involved in more scandals than I have time or space to discuss. I could not vote for either of the main candidates with a clear conscience, and it will not happen.

However, I have decided to vote for a third party candidate—Evan McMullin—to record my displeasure with both major party candidates. The people of God, while recognizing God’s sovereignty over the nations have never shied away from condemning the immoral acts of those God has put in office. John the Baptist lost his head because he opposed Herod, Paul corrected Ananias after the high priest ordered him struck, and God sent his prophets to oppose the immorality of kings. I see my voting tomorrow in that light—no, I have no illusion that I can compare my vote to John’s opposition to Herod or Paul’s correction of Ananias or the prophets’ inspired rebukes. But, their examples demonstrate the rightness of opposing the morality of our leaders, and that’s what I plan to do tomorrow.

God bless!

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