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UpdateMy purpose in writing this blog is firmly to put my struggles (and yours) in a context of Christian discipleship. No matter what happens, no matter what my future holds, no matter what struggles I face, God reigns in heaven above and He calls me – and you – to follow His Son. I have written a great deal of late about the divine side of the equation (that is, after all, the far more important side!). Today, however, I thought I’d give you an update on where I am in my struggles.

  • Waiting on Testing

    A few months back I had blood drawn for a genetic test to see if the exact nature of my problem could be diagnosed (it’s very possible my mutation is in a gene that is not tested – the mapping of the genome is an ongoing process). I’m anxious to get the results and very prayerful that I get some good news.

  • Insurance Woes

    My neurologist wishes to try Botox injections in my legs in an attempt to lessen my spasticity. The insurance company denied my pre-authorization. The neuro called the insurance company to appeal their verdict, and he spoke to their physician who handled my case. The insurance’s doctor was unaware of the treatment protocol for dystonia. Yep, the insurance company had someone making decisions about my health who knew absolutely nothing about my condition (and, I’m sure, that situation will become more common and more problematic thanks to Obamacare – I don’t usually make political comments, but I’m very angered by the situation). The insurance company denied the appeal, too.

  • Waiting on Disability

    I have a solid and reputable attorney (one recommended by my doctor who works part-time with the Social Security Administration) handling my Social Security Disability claim. The initial claim has been filed, and I’m waiting to hear from Social Security about my physical to determine the extent of my disability.

  • Writing Well

    I’m doing a fair amount of writing at the moment – not just my blog, but I’m writing Bible study material to assist churches in one way or another. I have published four books thus far: Two Wonders: Studies in the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Messages from the Manger: Lessons for Christmas, Selected Sermons, and Accompanied by the Instruments of David: Examining Excuses for Instrumental Music in Worship. I’ve made it easy to purchase these items by following the links below (your support would mean the world to me).

    I have two books nearing completion: a collection of expository sermons and a guide to understanding Secular Humanism. I’ll have more information about those projects soon (if the Lord wills).

  • Looking for Work

    I’m in the process of attempting to find something part time that I can do while I wait on disability. The challenge is a tremendous one: I can only earn $750 a month, and I must find something where I don’t need to stand for more than 5 minutes or sit for more than 20. I’m applying for some editing jobs where I could work from home in my recliner and keep my legs elevated. Who knows – I might find something that would keep disability from being a necessity.

  • Advertising on Blog

    I try not to overwhelm people with ads, but I do have Amazon and Google ads on my site. Supporting my sponsors helps support us and make continuing this blog a reality.

  • Financial Burdens

    I’m looking for some type of work, in no small part, because four people living on a teacher’s salary just doesn’t work too well. My brother-in-law has established a GoFundMe campaign to help us until I can get disability. Again, your help would be most humbly appreciated.

Regardless of how things go in this life, I have a God who will make all things right in the next life. That is my hope. That is His promise. God bless!

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