Marriage and Family | The Roles of Husbands and Wives

It is a common fact of life that we live in a society where it generally takes two paychecks to make it. Therefore, we need to think about dividing household tasks.

Here are some tips for managing the stress that a dual-earner marriage creates.

  1. Wake-up time.

    • Get to bed earlier and get up earlier.

    • Get ready before waking others.

    • Have children make their own lunches.

    • Coordinate and share morning tasks with your spouse.

    • Take time for breakfast.

    • Reward yourself for arriving at work on time.

  2. After work/dinner time.

    • Transition with a change of clothes.

    • Take time to listen and debrief about each other’s day.

    • Prepare meals together.

    • Sit down for dinner together at the table.

    • Allow each other some time alone.

    • Share clean up of the dishes and the house.

    • Make the next day’s lunches.

  3. Cleanup/bedtime.

    • Stick with an agreed TV cut-off time.

    • Do a few maintenance chores daily (bills, dusting, etc.).

    • Arrange items that you need to access in the morning in a familiar place.

    • Plan and lay out what to wear tomorrow.

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