Marriage and Family | Do You Have Enough Family Time?

  1. Does your family have a designated family fun time?
  2. Does your family have a designated family devotion time?
  3. Would you consider scheduling one of each every week?
  4. Do you need ideas on what to do during family time?
  5. How much time do you spend with your children each week?
  6. When you are with your kids, do you focus on accomplishing something, or just being present with them? Do your kids have time with you without commands?
  7. Will you elimate cell phones, television, and other distractions for family time?
  8. What activities do you, your spouse, and your kids enjoy?
  9. Do you pray with your family?
  10. How much time do you spend each day talking to your family?
  11. Do you feel too tired for family time?
  12. What else is getting in the way of having family time?
  13. Are you able to put work aside to focus on the needs of your family?
  14. What in life is more important than a strong relationship with your family?

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