Issue Sermons

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A Culture of Violence

Are You Sure?

Assembly Required | The Need to Worship

Can I Impose My Beliefs on Others?

Christian Retaliation

Could Miracles REALLY Have Occurred?

Danger Signs

Don’t Bet on It!

Finding Community | Overcoming Racism

In His Image: The Cloning of Man

Jesus, Elephants, and Donkeys

Lest We Forget | Remembering the Aborted

Sexual Harassment in Ministry

Sexual Morality

Should We Celebrate Christmas?

State of Emergency

The Christian and Pornography

The Dangerous Religion of Islam

The Great Physician

The Moral Decline of America

The Right to Die | Is it a Valid Right?

The Truth about Politics

We the People

We’ll Get There Eventually | The Need to be on Time for Worship

What about Ebola?

What’s a Dad to Do?

When the Government Persecutes

Wonders of God’s Creation

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