Preachers and Continuing Education

J.J. Turner, Ph.D. Founding President and Chancellor of World Bible Institute Donate now to keep this site up and running Some say he was a doctor of the law, knowledgeable above all his peers. He is now an old preacher and missionary confined as a prisoner to live out his last days. His medical chart […]


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How to Show a Sinner Love

Some of you, no doubt, have experience with “tough love.” Maybe you’ve needed to exercise “tough love.” Maybe you had to do so with a child; maybe you had to let your child reach “rock bottom” before he or she could be helped. Maybe you had to do so with a parent; I’ve known several […]

Wil Toots His Horn

My son Wilson has always loved playing in the band. Here are some pictures of his playing in the band and band competitions of Lord Botetourt High School.