Holy Bible: American Standard Version

The American Standard Version is a classic text for digging into the depths of God’s Word. The complete Bible, first published in 1901, has been used since that time to seek a full understanding of Scripture. The Version sought—and greatly achieved—a literal translation of the original languages into American English. Because the translation is so […]

Did We REALLY Land on the Moon?

Dr. Justin Imel, Sr., sat down with investigative journalist and filmmaker Bart Sibrel to discuss the authenticity of the moon landings. Sibrel has interviewed every Apollo astronaut willing to be interviewed and has researched the moon landings extensively; as a result of his research, Sibrel has produced two documentaries—A Funny Thing Happened on the Way […]

Great American Eclipse 2017

I was privileged to travel to Sweetwater, Tennessee to witness the total eclipse of August 21, 2017. I had wanted to see a total eclipse since I was in Mr. Miller’s fourth grade class at Camargo Elementary–that school year we watched the annular eclipse of May 30, 1984. I vividly recall Dad’s making pinhole projectors […]