5 Signs of a False Teacher

Flip on the television on Sunday morning, and you will find more than your share of false teachers. Some will preach a “wealth-and-health” gospel; “Send in some money,” they’ll say, “and God will fill your bank account.” Others will preach error when it comes to receiving salvation from sin. Others will tell you exactly when […]

Encouraged by False Doctrine

Yesterday, I wrote about the dangers of false doctrine. But, today I want you to take heart when you hear error. Some of you will be deeply disturbed by any suggestion that you should be encouraged when you hear error. Some of you might say, “Justin, you have spent a great deal of your career […]

Danger! False Doctrines

False doctrine has made its way into many congregations of the people of God. Whether the role of women or proper church music or baptism or church organization, error has blossomed among the people of God at an alarming rate and in troublesome ways. Why should the people of God reject false doctrine? Here are […]