Vacation. Yep, I’ve been on one for a little while now – I haven’t posted here since December 17. The weekend after the 17th was full and fun and then we headed to my wife’s parents for a few days before Christmas, we arrived at my parents’ home late on Christmas Eve, and we returned […]

Joy to the World

My wife and kids hate me. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true – they just hate me this time of the year. You see, I love Christmas carols. A local station plays nothing but Christmas music from Thanksgiving to Christmas; if we’re traveling anywhere, we listen to those Christmas carols. I have some Christmas albums […]


With my disability, I’ve had to give over mowing the yard to my boys. I hate that – I really enjoy mowing and the boys just do not mow as I would like (this summer I was embarrassed to death by my yard, but the boys did the best they could to help Papa, so […]

Divine Providence

Randy Imel. Tammy McKinney. Dr. Joseph Ferrara. Cathy Lee. Charles Coil. Gerald Watts. Dr. Bill Bagents. Daniel Boone Lee. Harold Jones. Joe Tate. If you know the narrative of Joseph, you know the providence of God. God had promised Abraham that through his seed the Messiah would come, but a great famine was coming – […]

Faith, Part Two

This is the second part of a discussion on faith. Yesterday, I discussed how we can come to a firm faith in the Lord Jesus Christ – by spending time in the Word of God. Yes, I believe it is that simple: John wrote his Gospel in order to build faith that Jesus is the […]