Assembly Required

Many of you reading this provide a marvelous example in worship. Some of you have come to lay your gift before the Lord with hearts that were breaking. Some of you can barely waddle through the front door and get to a pew. But, if you’re at least able to move, you’re here. I’ve visited […]

The Christian and the Eucharist

Last week I wrote about how my disability has changed the way I approach the Eucharist. I’m fully aware that many of my readers may have never heard the word “Eucharist,” so today I thought I’d write why I not only referred to the Lord’s Supper as “Eucharist,” but also why I like the word. […]

Making Worship Accessible

About ten years ago, I flew to a large city in the Deep South late one Saturday evening. The next morning, I got up and drove to a building where the Lord’s church meets. After walking in the rather large building, I found a place to sit, but I had chosen the wrong place. A […]


Preacher. I used to be one. Whether when living at home or when at college or when married, for most of my life, preaching has put food on my table. As I transition out of full-time preaching, I’m facing one of the most painful times in my life; you see, I love preaching and I […]


I love Sundays. Sundays have been an important part of my life for a long, long time. As a kid, I remember going to worship and then going to Nannie and Papaw’s – Dad would read the paper, Papaw would watch TV, Nannie would finish dinner, Mom would help her, and we boys would try […]