The Three Rs of Sex

You know the importance of the three Rs—reading, writing, and arithmetic—they are the fundamentals which are a foundation for a productive life. It would be impossible for me to write if I could not read and write; that is something I do every single day in my life. I’m not that good at arithmetic, and […]

The Christian and Pornography

Pornography is big business. In 1984, pornography was an $8 to $10 billion a year industrusty. In 2006, revenues from pornographic materials were $13 billion in the United States, but the next year, due to the amount of free pornography online, revenues fell to $10 billion. According to best estimates, nearly 45,000 pornographic websites exist, […]

Sex in the Church

Sexual misconduct in ministry is a constant problem. In a 1984 survey, 38.6 percent of ministers reported sexual contact with a church member, and 76 percent knew of another minister who had had sexual intercourse with a member of the congregation. In 1992, Leadership magazine conducted a survey and found that 37 percent of ministers […]