Avoiding Common Pitfalls, Part One

Yesterday, I wrote about four temptations disabled people are likely to face – missing the assembly, complaining, rudeness, and selfishness. I know very well that my brethren throughout the world face these same temptations, whether or not they suffer from a disability; Satan is an equal opportunity tempter. However, persons suffering from chronic illnesses are […]

Praying When You Suffer, Part Two

“When life is easy, pray. When life is hard pray.” “Pray hardest when it is hardest to pray.” Yesterday, I wrote about how we can pray when life is difficult using the ACTS acronym (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication) – Even in the midst of suffering, we Adore the Father and we make Confession for […]

Learning to Pray

I’ve often been asked to pray for people. I don’t ever remember leaving Dick Anderson’s home without his saying, “Preach, have prayer before you go.” (I was always simply “Preach” to Dick). When I talked with my grandmother, she would typically tell me, “Say a little prayer for Mamaw.” I’ve been asked to pray before […]

Praying for the Disabled

When someone is facing adversity in life, some well-meaning sibling in Christ may respond, “I wish I could so something to help – well, at least I can pray for you.” Please, please, please, never say that to me. I absolutely hate, despise, and abhor that response. That response, whether intentional or not, says that […]