Nothing Last Forever

I absolutely HATE the first 2-3 weeks of January at the gym. Parking spots are hard to find—even for a guy with a handicap placard. The locker room is so full that it’s difficult to get to my locker. And swimming lanes? Well, unless someone is willing to share, you might be waiting a while. […]

Happy New You!

Throughout this past week, we’ve heard the expression “Happy Near Year!” countless times. The celebrities from our favorite programs have done 30-second spots wishing us a “Happy New Year.” Many of us watched the ball drop in Times’ Square and heard the expression “Happy New Year.” Many of us were with family and friends when […]

2016 Resolutions

I absolutely hate the first two weeks of January. When I go to the gym, parking places are hard to find, the locker room is absolutely full, and the pool is more crowded than usual. Everyone and his brother has decided that he is going to get healthy in the new year – that’s the […]