The Scariest Words in the Bible

I have heard some scary words in my life. When I heard my mother yell, “Randall Justin Imel,” I heard some scary words! When my wife says, “We need to talk,” I hear some scary words! I’m confident that you have heard some scary words in your life, too. Maybe you’ve heard a doctor say, […]

Christians Judging Christians

I’ve been part of congregations which practiced church discipline and withdrew fellowship from individuals. Sometimes the excommunication, if you will, took place over false doctrine and other times the disfellowship took place over unrepentant sin. I’ve sin those disfellowshiped come back to the fold almost immediately, and I’ve seen feelings get hurt and whole families […]

Why I Want to Go to Hell

If there is no hell, we should live as we please. “If the dead do not rise, let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die!” (1 Cor. 15:32). If there is no resurrection, no afterlife we are foolish to live as Christians—There is no need to concern ourselves with righteous living if there is […]

Christians and Politics

It’s political season in America. Last night, Donald Trump accepted the Republican nomination for President of the United States. The night before, Governor Mike Pence, who was raised only about a half hour from my dad, accepted the GOP Vice Presidential nomination. In less than one week, Hillary Rodham Clinton will accept the Democratic nomination […]

Hillary, Emails, & Intent

Secretary Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server to store classified emails has been subject of intense public debate. After I wrote about Donald Trump’s tongue problem, some people asked me to write about Hillary’s emails. I couldn’t honestly write about her emails, because I hadn’t kept up with the debate and I didn’t know […]