Jesus’ Method of Training Leaders

POWER POINTS FOR LEADERS #2 J.J. Turner, Ph.D. Chancellor,World Bible Institute Donate now to keep this site up and running HOW JESUS TRAINED LEADERS   Every person or committee given the job of selecting potential leaders comes to the task with an agenda; a specific set of beliefs about leadership. There is usually a list […]

Why Was Jesus Born of a Virgin?

Before the ACLU was around to sue the school board, a small boy was bitterly disappointed at not being cast as Joseph in the school Nativity play. He was given the minor role of the innkeeper instead. Throughout the weeks of rehearsal, he brooded on how he could avenge himself on his successful rival. Then, […]

The Scariest Words in the Bible

I have heard some scary words in my life. When I heard my mother yell, “Randall Justin Imel,” I heard some scary words! When my wife says, “We need to talk,” I hear some scary words! I’m confident that you have heard some scary words in your life, too. Maybe you’ve heard a doctor say, […]

Blessed are Those Who Mourn

A woman lost her young daughter to a brain tumor. She wrote a letter describing her grief. In that letter she says, “I can hardly bear [my grief] sometimes. My most recent wave of grief came last year before her sixteenth birthday. As the day approached, I found myself brooding over all the things that […]

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

A certain Persian king was elevated from a poverty-stricken home to the glory of a royal throne. After he became king, he sent his servants to the old shack where he was reared, with orders to gather every relic of those days. They brought fragments of his home: many broken toys, his patched shirt, a […]