The Moral Decline of America

Homosexual marriage. Abortion. Immoral TV shows. Police brutality. Bombings. Riots. Divorce. Cohabitation. Many are deeply distresses about the moral decline of America. The reasoning is that our nation was once a far more moral place. Really? Tell that to the little slave boy seeing his daddy tied up and beaten. Tell that to the 120,000 […]


I haven’t been sleeping well of late. Saturday night into Sunday morning, I was awake probably every hour. A couple times I checked my email (I’m not sure why—I didn’t really expect any important emails in the middle of the night), and I had breaking news alerts from Fox News and CNN. When I opened […]

The Church and Homosexuality

I know a gay man who visited a church in my area. The preacher called this young man aside and told him not to come back that he wasn’t welcome. WHAT?!?! I do hope the preacher took the time to ask everyone who had ever lusted or engaged in premarital sex or lied or coveted […]

Why I Say Homosexuality is a Sin

A few days ago I wrote about what Jesus said concerning homosexuality. As I previously mentioned, he title—“But Jesus Never Said Anything About Homosexuality!”—caused no little uproar from people who understood homosexuality to be a sinful. On the other hand, the post itself caused no little uproar from leftist who informed me that I should […]