Donald Trump: Grabber-in-Chief?

In 2005, Donald Trump said some extremely lewd comments into a hot mic. He told Billy Bush—nephew of President George H. W. Bush—that he did not need permission to kiss women or to grab their genitals. As my family will tell you, I had very little respect for Mr. Trump before this revelation, and now, […]

A Godly Politician

So many of God’s servants served in political capacities. Joseph served under Pharaoh in Egypt. Moses was a grandson of Pharaoh. Isaiah seems to have known the royal family. Esther was a queen. Daniel, too, served in a political capacity. He was taken from his homeland at an early age. Because of Daniel’s wisdom, Nebuchadnezzar […]

What We Need to Know About the President’s Health

Hillary Clinton’s health has come under close scrutiny in the past few days, and I wrote yesterday about how a candidate’s health issues could conceivably affect his or her ability to serve as President. If elected, Hillary Clinton would be the second oldest person ever elected President, just shy of Ronald Reagan’s record. If elected, […]

Hillary’s Health: How It Matters

Hillary Clinton’s health has come under serious scrutiny in the past several days. Just a week ago, Clinton collapsed and had to be helped into a waiting vehicle while attending the 9/11 Memorial Service. She has had several coughing fits of late. Colin Powell said that he learned from a Democratic donor that Secretary Clinton […]

What if Jesus Ran for President?

The conventions are now over—Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump have accepted their parties’ respective nominations, given speeches accepting those nominations, and now begin the grueling process of crisscrossing the country seeking to persuade the average American that he or she has the better vision for the nation. As I write this, I’m preparing […]