Rest in Peace?

Prince. Doris Roberts. Merle Haggard. Patty Duke. Garry Shandling. Nancy Reagan. Joey Feek. Glenn Frey. Alan Rickman. David Bowie. So far 2016 isn’t a great year to be a celebrity. When I googled “Celebrity deaths in 2016,” other celebrities appeared in the list, but I didn’t know who they were – either my age or […]

Ten Reminders from a Tent

My boys love the outdoors – hunting and fishing and playing sports. And, they love to camp. A few years ago, Tammy’s parents bought both boys tents for their birthday. Shortly after Wil received his tent, he and I took off with a group of Cub Scouts for a weekend of camping. We arrived early […]

New Car Smell

Eighteen months ago, I bought a brand new car. I planned to buy a used car, but Toyota was running a special on new Priuses, and I desperately wanted one (it’s hard to be 50 MPG!). Even better than the gas mileage is the new car smell. I desperately want a new life. I don’t […]