What We Need to Know About the President’s Health

Hillary Clinton’s health has come under close scrutiny in the past few days, and I wrote yesterday about how a candidate’s health issues could conceivably affect his or her ability to serve as President. If elected, Hillary Clinton would be the second oldest person ever elected President, just shy of Ronald Reagan’s record. If elected, […]

Hillary’s Health: How It Matters

Hillary Clinton’s health has come under serious scrutiny in the past several days. Just a week ago, Clinton collapsed and had to be helped into a waiting vehicle while attending the 9/11 Memorial Service. She has had several coughing fits of late. Colin Powell said that he learned from a Democratic donor that Secretary Clinton […]

What I Learned from Being in the Hospital

I had been having chest pains or several days, but at first, I didn’t think anything about it. When you suffer from Prinzmetal’s angina, a little chest pain here and there is nothing to be terribly concerned about. Just take your medication and keep the arteries open, and there’s nothing to worry about. But, when […]

My Vote

Yesterday, citizens across the Commonwealth of Virginia – my wife and elder son included – voted in Presidential primaries as part of “Super Tuesday.” Although there are many issues I care deeply about – ADA, abortion, war, refugees, welfare, and many others – I purposefully chose in my heart not to vote (I’ll write about […]

Rare Disease Day

February 29. The rarest of all days. It doesn’t matter if it’s leap year or not, the last day of February is always the rarest of all days in the year – the only 28th day of a month that ends a month. Because this is the rarest of all days, this is Rare Disease […]