Lies of the Bible: A Beastly Deception

God permitted the beast out of the land to deceive the inhabitants of the earth. While I believe the text has special application to the emperor cult of first-century Rome, I believe an important principle applies–many deceivers are in the world, and we need to take extra care that we ourselves are not deceived.

The Lie of Circumcision

In Acts 15, some Jews spread falsehood about the need for Gentiles to be circumcised. The church listened to the Holy Spirit who inspired them to declare Gentiles did not need to be circumcised. When we are confronted with falsehood, the only place to God is to the Word of God inspired by the Holy […]

The False Doctrine of Premillennialism

Some claim that Jesus will reign a thousand years in Jerusalem. Some groups teach that this reign will be before the so-called Great Tribulation, while others affirm his millennial reign will follow the Great Tribulation. But, is that a true doctrine? Will Jesus reign a thousand years? BASIC TEACHINGS OF PREMILLENNIALISM Premillennialism asserts that Jesus […]

Is One Church as Good as Another?

When I lived in West Virginia, several denominations began getting together every Sunday evening for a joint worship service. After all, they say, “One church is as good as another.” You can pass trucks on the highway with signs on the back which read, “Attend the church of your choice. The implication is clearly as […]

The Church is Full of Lies!

Over the past several days, I’ve explored different lies biblical characters have told in a series I’ve called—much to the chagrin of some—“The Bible is Full of Lies!” But, there are a host of lies outside of the pages of Scripture. Today’s church is absolutely full of lies. Yes, the church is full of lies […]