What About the Thief on the Cross?

Satan successfully uses the thief on the cross to keep many people from obeying the gospel. The reasoning goes like this: The thief on the cross wasn’t baptized, he only had faith, and I, therefore, only need faith and I do not need to be baptized. A big part of me wonders why people gravitate […]

“God is Too Big for Any One Religion”

“God is too big for any one religion.” “If you believe Christianity is the only way, you’re being narrow-minded and judgmental.” “What gives you the right to say that you’re right and I’m wrong?” I’ve heard those responses and others when I’ve mentioned the exclusive claims of Christianity. Occasionally I’ll see a bumper sticker saying, […]

What Does God Expect?

We’re all going to struggle in this life. I spent part of yesterday with a gentleman who is struggling greatly – he’s facing financial difficulties, he’s facing health difficulties, and he’s facing family difficulties. No matter the struggle – financial or health or family or others – we have known struggle and we shall know […]