Life Lessons from Exercise

I’ve made no secret on this blog of my love of exercising. I swam for an hour this morning, and I plan on swimming at least an hour tomorrow. I’ve started using weight machines to help strengthen my legs and my arms. Exercise invigorates me, eases my pain, clears my head, burns my fat, lowers […]

How to Start Exercising

This week I’ve talked about exercise, namely, references exercise in Scripture and spiritual reasons to exercise. What if you want to start your own exercise routine (I hope you do!)? Here are some suggestions for beginning exercisers. Check with your doctor. I write a great deal about disability, and it would be quite easy to […]

Exercise and the Christian

In yesterday’s post, I provided Scriptures where Paul and the unknown author of Hebrews use exercise as a metaphor to teach biblical truth. The Bible nowhere commands exercise (some would seek to take 1 Cor 6:19-20 out of the context of sexual immorality and apply it broadly, but I simply don’t think the context allows […]

Exercise in the Bible

I exercise every day. I’m so regular in my exercise routine that I no longer show my membership card when I enter the gym; the front desk attendant just waves me in. I never feel better than when I’m in the water (it’s the only time that I’m truly pain free), so missing a day […]