The Work of World Bible Institute

In March, Dr. David Hamrick, president of World Bible Institute, asked me to join the staff as Director of Technology. I was extremely humbled and grateful that David thought I might be a good fit at WBI, and I jumped at the opportunity. Let me tell you today why I jumped at the opportunity and […]

“Baptism Now Saves You”

I swim seven days a week to help with mobility and pain management. Swimming, I think, helps more than the medication; although swimming and medication combined have worked wonders. But, swimming can also be quite dangerous. The other night, probably because I swim so much, I had a horrible nightmare in which I was drowning. […]

Anxiety-Provoking Events

In my latest work Shepherding Wandering Sheep: Elders Talk, I explore causes Christians fall away from active service and begin a discussion about how elders can help reclaim inactive Christians. One reason many Christians fall away is “anxiety-provoking events.” Below is an excerpt from Shepherding Wandering Sheep which discusses “anxiety-provoking events.” Anxiety causes many individuals […]

Shepherding Wandering Sheep

Shepherding Wandering Sheep: Elders Talk, my latest work, an important resource for any church leader who wishes to reclaim inactive Christians, will be released on May 31, 2016. The book retails for $21.99, but if you order before May 31, the price is only $15.99 (with absolutely FREE shipping! Only available in the United States; […]