Ten Reasons to Reject Racism

The United States is becoming increasingly divided along racial lines. Even within the church, we see far too much racism. I remember a Christian who was upset when Tubby Smith was hired as the coach at the University of Kentucky. I remember Christians who had never locked their doors before begin making sure the locks […]

All Lives Matter: Thoughts on Dallas

Last night’s shooting in Dallas which left five police officers dead was, in the words of President Obama, a “despicable attack.” Police officers, doing their job in protecting lives, were needlessly gunned down because, one suspect said he wanted to kill white people, particularly white police officers. I must confess that I am deeply disturbed […]

All Men are Created Equal

On July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia adopted the Declaration of Independence. Every July 4th, people throughout the United States remember the founding of this nation with parades and cookouts and fireworks. When Thomas Jefferson, whose summer home is just over in the next county from which I live, authored the Declaration, […]