Ten Ways to Serve with a Disability

Subscribe to Dr. Justin Imel, Sr. by Email My health is far from what I would wish. Climbing steps has become an exercise in futility. Standing for extended periods is out of the question. Sitting without my legs elevated for more than a half hour brings incredible pain. The pain doesn’t make me the most […]

I’m Fine

I’ll walk into the church building and someone will ask me how I’m doing, and I’ll truthfully say, “I’m doing fine.” The response is often, “You don’t look fine.” I know what these sweet folks mean: “Justin, I can see you’re having a bad day walking and you’re in pain and you look weak in […]

The Vampire Cometh

Today is the day. The vampire (aka phlebotomist) will be here at the house in just over two hours to draw my blood and ship it to Maryland for genetic testing. In four or five months, we should know the results. The neurologist explained that even a negative result does not mean I do not […]

What’s Wrong With You?

It’s the question I dread the most. It’s the question that I really don’t know how to answer. It’s the question that can get a bit nosey. It’s the question that can be a little embarrassing. It’s the question I really wish people wouldn’t ask. The question? “What’s wrong with you?” I never know how […]

It’s in My DNA

Every day has the possibility of changing our lives forever. A drunk man’s decision to get behind the wheel of an automobile can take the dearest person in all the world away from us. An employer’s asking to meet with us might mean the end of a promising position. A heated argument can bring an […]