The Lie of Circumcision

In Acts 15, some Jews spread falsehood about the need for Gentiles to be circumcised. The church listened to the Holy Spirit who inspired them to declare Gentiles did not need to be circumcised. When we are confronted with falsehood, the only place to God is to the Word of God inspired by the Holy […]

A Biblical Look at Baptism

The following article appeared in The Boston Globe on Sunday August 14, 1983: Natick police yesterday ruled accidental the drowning Friday of an unemployed Dorchester man who apparently lost his balance and fell into deep water while begin baptized in Lake Cochituate. John E. Blue, 37, was pronounced dead at Leonard Morse Hospital in Natick […]

Holy Women

The issue of women taking an active part in leading worship is becoming the issue of our time. One major university affiliated with churches of Christ welcomed their first female preaching student not long ago. I am seeing more and more of my social media friends praise women preachers. If I’m to be perfectly honest […]

5 Signs of a False Teacher

Flip on the television on Sunday morning, and you will find more than your share of false teachers. Some will preach a “wealth-and-health” gospel; “Send in some money,” they’ll say, “and God will fill your bank account.” Others will preach error when it comes to receiving salvation from sin. Others will tell you exactly when […]