Five Ways Donald Trump Can Be a GREAT President

Donald J. Trump is about to spend at least the next four years as President of the United States. Concern, worry, and angst fill many sections of the country. To be honest, I am no fan of Donald Trump—I did not (and would not) vote for him because his character leaves much to be desired. […]

Immigration and Jesus

President-elect Donald Trump made bombastic comments about illegal Mexican immigrants throughout his campaign. Mr. Trump has promised to build a wall and deport illegal immigrants. Obviously no Christian can condone illegal immigration, for “every person [is to] be subject to the governing authorities” (Rom 13:1). Yet, I fear that too often we fail to humanize […]

Happy New You!

Throughout this past week, we’ve heard the expression “Happy Near Year!” countless times. The celebrities from our favorite programs have done 30-second spots wishing us a “Happy New Year.” Many of us watched the ball drop in Times’ Square and heard the expression “Happy New Year.” Many of us were with family and friends when […]

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

Christmas can be a time of great joy and anticipation. There isn’t a child who doesn’t look forward to Christmas morning and seeing what Santa Claus has brought. For the rest of us, Christmas is a great time to be together with family and friends. It is a time to see those family members we […]

Crying Over a Loss

On election night, I watched what once was considered an improbably become inevitable—the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. Yes, I had been saying for two weeks or more that Trump would win, but I did have trouble wrapping my mind around Trump’s victory. Secretary Clinton’s supporters never saw the […]