Top Ten Reasons Christians Fall Away

You see it every Sunday – the empty pew where some dear brother or sister once sat, a dear Christian who has now turned back to love this present world. Why? Why would a disciple who had seen the goodness of God ever wish to turn back from following Him? People leave the faith for […]

Happy New You!

Throughout this past week, we’ve heard the expression “Happy Near Year!” countless times. The celebrities from our favorite programs have done 30-second spots wishing us a “Happy New Year.” Many of us watched the ball drop in Times’ Square and heard the expression “Happy New Year.” Many of us were with family and friends when […]

Home for the Holidays

Tammy and I, along with our two boys, spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Tammy’s family. On Boxing Day, we traveled to my parents’ home to spend the rest of our Christmas vacation with my family. Yet, the homes to which we traveled were vastly different—At Tammy’s parents, we stayed at the house in […]

He’s Coming to Town

As a kid, my anticipation was great. The family would gather at my grandparents’ home on Christmas Eve, and as we were driving home, there was only one thought on my mind: Santa Claus was coming to my house! I’d wonder which of the red blinking lights on antennas was really Rudolph. Time, I felt, […]