7 Reasons to Study the Bible

How long does it actually take to read the Bible all the way through? If you were to read the Bible at pulpit speed (slow enough to be heard and understood), it would take about 71 hours. If you were to break that down into minutes and divide it by 365, you could read the […]

Why I Love the Bible

With the utmost respect, some people just do not know the Bible. I once gave an exam in a Bible college and one question asked in what city Paul gave his speech at the Areopagus; one student answered, “New York City.” A lady once told me that the Bible said we’re to wear our best […]

Should Women Wear Veils to Church?

A preacher in the pulpit saw a man in the back pew wearing a hat. The preacher summoned one of the elders, who went to see the man and ask him if he realized that his hat was still on. The man in the back pew shouted so that everyone could hear him and said, […]

The Work of World Bible Institute

In March, Dr. David Hamrick, president of World Bible Institute, asked me to join the staff as Director of Technology. I was extremely humbled and grateful that David thought I might be a good fit at WBI, and I jumped at the opportunity. Let me tell you today why I jumped at the opportunity and […]

A Biblical Look at Baptism

The following article appeared in The Boston Globe on Sunday August 14, 1983: Natick police yesterday ruled accidental the drowning Friday of an unemployed Dorchester man who apparently lost his balance and fell into deep water while begin baptized in Lake Cochituate. John E. Blue, 37, was pronounced dead at Leonard Morse Hospital in Natick […]