The Scariest Words in the Bible

I have heard some scary words in my life. When I heard my mother yell, “Randall Justin Imel,” I heard some scary words! When my wife says, “We need to talk,” I hear some scary words! I’m confident that you have heard some scary words in your life, too. Maybe you’ve heard a doctor say, […]

The Case for Biblical Christianity

Long before I enrolled in International Bible College (now Heritage Christian University), I had heard the name Basil Overton over and over and over. Brother Overton, you see, was involved in the important work of spreading the Gospel; he was the editor of The World Evangelist (a monthly journal I always read), he was Vice […]

How to Study the Bible

There are many throughout history who have set examples for us in their Bible study. Eusebius said that he heard of one, whose eyes were burned out under the Diocletian persecution, repeat from memory the Scriptures in a large assembly. Beza could repeat all Paul’s epistles in Greek at age 80. Augustine said that after […]

The Old Testament and the Christian

I’ve known many Christians who did not wish to study the Old Testament. When I was much younger, I was teaching from Exodus and a gentleman told me, “Justin, you need to quit teaching from the Old Testament; we need teaching from the New.” I was stunned. In my young thinking, I assumed that if […]