Lessons from Will Ferrell’s Reagan Movie

Recently I wrote about news reports which said that Will Ferrell intended to portray President Ronald Reagan’s battle with Alzheimer’s Disease in a comedy. I only learned of his intention after reading a poignant open letter written by Patti Davis, President Reagan’s daughter. My first reaction was one of utter shock; I fail to see […]

Disabled Parking

Parking has always been my Achilles heel in driving. I once received a notice in a parking garage that my parking was extremely poor and that my license plate number had been recorded and were I to park that way again, I would receive a ticket. I cannot judge distances appropriately, and I notoriously do […]

The Anger of a Fool

As I mentioned yesterday, this week I am telling my story. Yesterday, I talked about my struggle with incontinence, not something I really wish to discuss in detail, but I’m prayerful that a frank talk about some embarrassing issues will bless others. Today, I discuss mental illness, a subject that, to be perfectly honest, embarrasses […]