Dive In

Almost a century ago, “fancy diving” entered the Olympic Games as a new event. Diving developed in Europe in the 17th century, when gymnasts practiced their acrobatics over water. Diving combines artistry and athleticism with undeniable courage—platform divers hit the water at about 34 mph, and ranks as one of the Olympic Games’ most exhilarating […]

Carrying Your Torch

The Olympic flame goes back to the ancient Greek Olympics and commemorated the Promotheus’ stealing fire from the gods and giving it to mortals. However, the idea of a torch relay has no precedent in antiquity. The first torch relay was for the 1936 Summer Games in Berlin. Hitler wanted to show off Germany-put the […]

The Church’s Opening Ceremonies

Friday, my boys and I traveled to Frenchburg, Kentucky, to spend the weekend with my parents. On Friday night, much to my Dad’s chagrin (fake chagrin, I should add), we watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games. I love the opening ceremony (not the dancing and all that interpretative stuff that I don’t understand). […]

My Favorite Christian Quotes

There is nothing, in my view, quite like a good quote. Whether writing or preaching, I’ve always loved to have a good quote from someone else—after all, I have spent my adult life speaking the words of Another to his people. As I look in Scripture, I can find writers using the words of others. […]

Why You Need to be on Time for Worship

A new employee had been caught coming in late for work three times and the fourth morning the foreman decided to read him the riot act. “Look here,” he snapped, “don’t you know what time we start work around here?” “No, sir,” said the man, “there’re always working when I get here.” It certainly seems […]