The Potter

When I wrote about the negative things I have learned from my illness, I noted that doctors are not God. God is God. God alone is God. No created being can take his place. He sits in majesty on high. Man, however, for one reason or another always thinks that he himself is God. You […]

A Short Note on Doctors

I have seen just about every type of specialist under the sun. I have seen a neurologist and a podiatrist and a urologist and an orthopedist and a hematologist and ophthalmologist and a dermatologist and a cardiologist and probably a few I haven’t named. I wrote a couple weeks ago about how much trust I […]

Friday in the Word #2

Last week I offered some Scriptural quotations to help us face difficult times in life. Today I wish to continue looking at some passages of holy writ which will comfort and console us when life does not go our way. Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before […]

A Tribute to My Friend Jimmy

Jimmy Jackson January 21, 1972-September 29, 2015 My friend and brother in Christ, Jimmy Jackson, ended a heroic struggle yesterday. I originally wrote that Jimmy “lost a heroic struggle,” but that isn’t right. No Christian loses a battle at the end of this earthly sojourn — he enters the Paradise of God to await the […]