Exercise and the Christian

Subscribe to Dr. Justin Imel, Sr. by Email In yesterday’s post, I provided Scriptures where Paul and the unknown author of Hebrews use exercise as a metaphor to teach biblical truth. The Bible nowhere commands exercise (some would seek to take 1 Cor 6:19-20 out of the context of sexual immorality and apply it broadly, […]

Exercise in the Bible

Subscribe to Dr. Justin Imel, Sr. by Email I exercise every day. I’m so regular in my exercise routine that I no longer show my membership card when I enter the gym; the front desk attendant just waves me in. I never feel better than when I’m in the water (it’s the only time that […]


Subscribe to Dr. Justin Imel, Sr. by Email I recently shared with you some of my personal goals. I did so for two reasons: (1) In writing about the importance of goals, I would have no credibility if I were not willing to set goals for myself; and (2) I wanted accountability. As I mentioned, […]

Why I Do Not Vote

Nope, I didn’t vote in “Super Tuesday,” and I have absolutely no intention of voting in November. Some will strongly avow that I absolutely must go and vote my Christian principles; I appreciate your viewpoint (and I would sincerely ask you to appreciate mine), but I cannot find a single verse of Scripture that tells […]

My Vote

Subscribe to Dr. Justin Imel, Sr. by Email Yesterday, citizens across the Commonwealth of Virginia – my wife and elder son included – voted in Presidential primaries as part of “Super Tuesday.” Although there are many issues I care deeply about – ADA, abortion, war, refugees, welfare, and many others – I purposefully chose in […]