Preachers and Continuing Education

J.J. Turner, Ph.D. Founding President and Chancellor of World Bible Institute Donate now to keep this site up and running Some say he was a doctor of the law, knowledgeable above all his peers. He is now an old preacher and missionary confined as a prisoner to live out his last days. His medical chart […]

World Bible Institute: Vision

Donate now to keep this site up and running New WBI Extension School in Ivano-Frankivsk is Off to a Great Start A lack of funding did not stop students from attending the first class of the Western Ukraine WBI extension. The school began quickly because so many students eagerly anticipated starting their studies. Howell Ferguson […]


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What You Need to Know about Judge Neil Gorsuch

On Tuesday, January 31, 2017, President Donald Trump announced Judge Neil Gorsuch as his choice to replace the great Antonin Scalia who died on February 13, 2016. Justice Scalia was a lion of the Court who sought to interpret the Constitution in light of what the Founding Fathers intended. Judge Gorsuch comes from the same […]