Resolute Support September 11th Memorial

Resolute Support Commander General Scott Miller speaks at the September 11th Memorial Ceremony in Kabul, Afghanistan. His message of assurance and continued support for the Afghan partners and NATO coalition troops reaffirms why we are in Afghanistan, so that it will not longer be a Terrorist safe haven in the future.

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I’ll tell you that we’re still here today to protect our families, our homes. It’s not just the United States of America. It’s also Afghanistan, the many nations that are represented across this crowd. I think it’s a day to reaffirm our partnerships, our commitments, particularly with our Afghan partners, and every day, you say to yourself, “How do I prevent this from ever happening again, “not just in my country, but in all of your countries?” We all have resolute support in our Afghan partners. I tell you thank you for all that you do.

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