Firetruck Maintainers Story

Story on firetruck maintainers from the 355th Logistics Readiness Squadron relocating to the 355th Civil Engineer Squadron Fire Protection Services Unit at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona.

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Tony Matias: Refueling and firetruck maintenance are combined career fields, they’re called A-Shred’s. So, we have half of our personnel over there refueling, and three of the bodies here. Then we rotate the people around. If there’s any write-up to come to us we’ll confirm the write-ups and do the repairs, and we just make sure the trucks are up and running in case of emergency. They just turn the vehicle into us. We’re right here in the shop. We take care of the vehicle and we give it right back to ’em.

Amber Goldberg: We just moved over into the fire department last year. If they’re ever having any problems they’ll come out. They’re pretty hands on. They’ll want to come and see what we’re doing and try to figure it out, so that they know what to do in the future in case that problem occurs again. Communication is easier too, because before the firefighters would have to drive the truck down to us, which was half-a-mile down the road. We do everything from oil changes to replacing transmission, you know, changing tires. We like being over here a lot better. It seems like things go a lot more smoother with us being in the same department.

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