Japanese Sign Final Surrender – September 2, 1945

Shows the signing of the Japanese surrender documents aboard the battleship Missouri in the Bay of Tokyo on Sept. 2, 1945. Includes shots of the destroyer Buchanan and airplanes flying overhead. Personages: Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu and Gen. Yoshijiro Umezo of Japan; Gen. MacArthur; Gen. Wainwright; Brit. Gen. Arthur E. Percival; Adms. Halsey and Nimitz; Chinese Gen. Hsu Yung-Ch’ang; Brit. Adm. Bruce A. Fraser; Russian Gen. Kuzma Derevyanko; Australian Gen. Thomas Blamey; Canadian Col. L. Moore Cosgrave; French Gen. Jacques LeClerc; Adm. C.E.L. Helfrich of the Netherlands; Air Marshall Leonard M. Isitt of New Zealand.

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