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New Master in Biblical Studies Degree from WBI

McDonough, GA: World Bible Institute (WBI) recently announced the offering of a Master in Biblical Studies. Students may choose an emphasis in either Bible or Ministry. The MBS is a 36-hour degree only available online; the degree consists of 10 3-hour courses and a 6-hour practicum. The 6-hour practicum, Dr. Pat McIntosh, Vice President of Academic Affairs, said, will “benefit the local congregation in the form of classes or seminars conducted or sermons delivered.”

The MBS from WBI offers students an opportunity to learn from highly-experienced faculty who not only have high academic credentials but who remain active in ministry. The Chancellor of World Bible Institute, Dr. J.J. Turner, noted: “The church at this time in the 21st century, not only needs the rightly divided word of God, but cutting edge methodologies not from textbooks written by theorist who have never been in the day-to-day challenges of local work, but teachers presently on the firing line.”

Because WBI wishes to train kingdom workers for the modern world, the MBS focuses on practical ministry. Dr. David Hamrick, President of World Bible Institute, noted, “One of the best qualities of our degree program that sets it apart from others is that the student learns from hands on projects relative to the field of study as opposed to just writing papers.”

A MBS from World Bible Institute “serves to aid those who are in full-time ministry and cannot attend a university,” McIntosh said. All a student needs to earn the Master in Biblical Studies is access to the Internet and a desire to better his ministry.

Hamrick said, “The degree from WBI is attainable at a fraction of the cost of most Universities.” The entire degree costs only $1,550. For more information, visit or call (770) 898-7817.

President David Hamrick’s Report

Our Lord has been so good to bless WBI and for that we are thankful. We have been blessed with some great people with which to work along with some great opportunities to spread the gospel throughout the world. One of our most productive schools is the Volta Bible College in West Africa. I am scheduled to visit the school to establish a Graduate Program. I will be teaching an Introduction to Graduate Studies course and setting up the library making use of the Dewey Decimal system. While there I will also have the privilege to teach on the subject of Leadership for a preacher’s seminar on Friday and then participate in our third graduation for VBC on Saturday.

Ben Fulks just returned from visiting there and brought back an encouraging report. The parking lot for VBC is now finished. It consists of gravel with a border of rocks. The driveway from the road is also gravel. Now visitors can park their cars without fear of getting stuck during the rainy season.

In addition to a new Administrator (Steve Dorwu) the VBC now has an official Board of Directors. Pictured below is that board including Ben Fulks and Leon Bates from the United States. Seated is Ben wearing the striped shirt and Leon is in wearing maroon. Administrator Dorwu is wearing the coat and tie. The rest of the Board is made up of teaching staff and highly respected gospel preachers from the Volta Region.

New water lines have been installed to provide water to the school from the water well behind the facility and the security wall around the campus is close to complete. However, the most encouraging news is that the farm land is being cleared on a regular basis. We have 52 acres to farm and yet there are still trees and ant mounds that need to be removed before our tractor can be best utilized. $2,000 will cover the cost for a backhoe to clear the rest of the property so farming can commence on the entire farm. We anticipate great results from farming that much land. Can you help us with the funds for clearing the rest of the land? It will be a great step closer to our goal of making the school self supportive.

Pictures from Volta Bible College

Visit To Hong Kong And The Philippines

The largest trip of the 2017 year is undoubtedly the one scheduled for April 28 – May 8 to Hong Kong and the Philippines. The main reasons for these visits are to meet with several preachers in Hong Kong to discuss the possibility of opening an extension program there; conduct a blitz class for the Restoration Bible College (RBC) students including an open forum on eschatology; assist in a medical mission in Manaoag, Pangasinan; and participate in the graduation of RBC. For this last event, I will be carrying with me the diplomas and gift Bibles for 14 graduates.

I will be leaving Nashville on the 28th and arrive in Hong Kong a little past 6 p.m. Saturday (29th). Sunday (30th), Edwin will be speaking at the Wanchai church of Christ, and I will be speaking at the Yuen Long church of Christ. Monday (1st), there will be a one-day lectureship entitled, “Empowered Heart Series 3.” Tuesday (2nd), Edwin and I will fly to Manila where Edwin will spend some time with his parents from the 2 – 4 of May. I will leave Manila that Tuesday and travel by bus or car to Baguio City a few hours away. While Edwin is away, I will hold my classes and conduct an open forum with the students at RBC. On the 5th Edwin and I will join back together and participate in a one-day medical mission in Manaoag, Pangasinan – a place about 30 miles from Baguio City. Edwin is a professional pharmacist and his wife, Diane is a medical doctor so their presence will be a great benefit to the people there. I will just assist in whatever way they need me.

Saturday, May 6th will be the date for the RBC graduation. I anticipate that it will be mostly an all-day event. Sunday (7th), Edwin and I will worship at the Nlex church of Christ between Baguio City and Manila. That afternoon we will take a bus or car back to Manila and spend the night before our next day’s flight. My journey back home begins at 9:30 Monday morning (8th) take-off time on All Nippon Airways connecting to Tokyo; then on Skywest Airlines to Chicago; and landing in Nashville around 7:15 that same evening. — Howell Ferguson, WBI Vice President

WBI Staff

  • Dr. J.J. Turner, Chancellor and McDonough church elder/Board member

  • Russ Havard, McDonough church elder/Board member

  • Roosevelt Harris, McDonough church elder/Board member

  • Dr. David Hamrick, President

  • Aubrey Johnson, Instructor

  • Roland Cumbee, Jr., Extension Studies Coordinator

  • Dr. Pat McIntosh, Academic Dean/Head of Graduate Studies

  • Howell Ferguson, Vice President/Director of Extension Studies

  • Dr. Justin Imel, Sr., Director of Technology

  • Edwin Bacani, Director of the Philippines

  • Phillip Satterfield, Instructor

  • Janet Wilson, WBI Secretary

  • Lisa Blagg, Secretary for Online Studies

Extension School Update from Dr. Pat McIntosh

Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

This is our newest extension. Ivano-Frankivsk is in Western Ukraine. You might be aware that there has been a great deal of unrest in Eastern Ukraine. Russian (as believed by most) forces have been militarily involved in this area for a few years now. David Hamrick and I worked in that area when we were working together with the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver, Extensions program. As a matter of fact, our building in Gorlovka was taken by the attacking forces one Sunday morning. The Christians meeting were given two hours to get their belongings out. As far as I know, they are still using that building. We flew into the Donetsk airport. It has been completely destroyed. As of a few weeks ago, there was still shelling just outside of Donetsk and Christians were struggling with the situation there.
However, Eastern Ukraine is not facing that situation at all. We had an uneventful trip as far as fighting was involved. David Hamrick and I went there to teach two classes. David taught a class on Fundamentals and I taught a graduate class on Daniel. Our brother, Ivan, is doing a great job directing the school.

When I saw Ivan, I knew I recognized him. He was one of our students in Eastern Ukraine. It was a joy to be reunited with this fine man. He is doing a great job with the school as well as with the local work there.

We have a lot of work to do in Eastern Ukraine. To the best of my knowledge, there are only five congregations of the Lord’s church in Eastern Ukraine. Clearly, there is need of preachers to work in this area of the country. The congregation meeting in Ivano-Frankivsk already has an evangelistic plan. One or two of the families are going to a village relatively near-by to “plant” another congregation. I am so thankful for these mission-minded brethren and their love for souls in Ukraine.

Cheryl and I will be going there to work the latter part of June (the exact date will be set soon). I will be teaching a graduate class again. Hopefully, Cheryl will have an opportunity to teach some classes to the ladies and may be a few children. We are eagerly anticipating this trip together as it has been some time since we have made a trip like this together.

Costa Rica

While at the Freed-Hardeman Lectures we met with a brother planning on establishing a school in Costa Rica. I will have more to say about this when and if the plans develop.


The work in Uganda continues to go well. Saturday door-knocking campaigns is a part of the curriculum for the students at the Rwensori School of Teaching. I got a report just a few days ago that a new congregation has been planted in a nearby village. There 17 baptisms in that location this past Saturday. I am thankful to see the work habits of these brethren and am encouraged to be reminded of the power of God’s Word in saving the lost.

Justin Imel Report

March was an amazing month for my work at WBI, and I am more excited than ever to be a part of this great effort! I started an Instagram account for the school, and you can subscribe here. The purpose of the account is twofold: to encourage Christians with biblical truth and to remind our followers about WBI’s important work. We also have also started a YouTube channel which you can access here. We intend to post appropriate videos to encourage and teach God’s Word and once again we’ll utilize this tool to remind our subscribers and others of our kingdom work. Additionally, we have begun a blog available here. For the time being I’m posting articles on leadership by our chancellor, Dr. J. J. Turner; Dr. Turner writes often and well and his insights are extremely applicable to Christian living. I’m prayerful that we can extend our reach through social media in the very near future to reach more individuals and congregations about the good WBI does both at home and abroad.

I’m now engaged in writing three books—yes, three. I’m preparing to publish within a couple weeks a book of sermons which covers the entire Revelation to John; I’m titling this book Victory in Jesus, the very theme of John’s inspired writing. I have another collection of sermons—Expository Sermons You Can Preach—which simply needs to be edited for spelling, grammar, etc. before publication. Lord willing, this summer, the book will become a reality; Glenn Colley has reviewed the manuscript and written a positive review, and Richard Mansel has assisted with editing. I’m also diligently working on a book for WBI’s new Bible class curriculum—The Badge of Love.

WBI is also beginning an Associates degree program, and I’m writing two courses for that program. I’m prepping a class on Acts, a very important book for those seeking a degree in Bible, and New Testament Survey, which will give my students a good grasp of the new covenant.

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